18|El Diario NY Thursday, November 9th, 2017

ENG Carlos Torres-Machado, and his work “Data Center #15,” was chosen as the New York Regional Winner in the Bombay Sapphire New York Artisan Series artistic contest.

Inspired by the relationship between the value of art and money, the Ecuadorian born artist’s work consists of 41 canvases that stretch over more than 9 feet in height and it pushes the limits of imagination and creativity.

Now in its eighth year, the competition organized by Bombay Sapphire seeks to discover the new big names in the visual arts with a focus promoting the most visionary talents.

Each year, a handful of finalists are selected from thousands of online presentations and local gallery events to showcase their works to critics and some of the most important art collectors in the world during Art Basel Miami within the Miami Beach Art Show.

This year, the grand prize winner of the national final, which will be held this December, will have the opportunity to collaborate with Artsy, an innovative global platform for discovering and collecting art, in the creation of a public art installation that will be placed in New York next spring.

Detail 1 description: The artwork “Data Center #15” stood out among dozens of pieces that competed.

Detail 2 descriptions: Carlos Torres-Machado from Ecuador will now participate in the national contest that will take place in Miami during Art Basel.


“…Torres-Machado reflects the facts that determine our era by the intervention of technology, as Warhol did with consumerism or Guayasamín did with the indigenous suffering of Latin-America.”

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