The Ecuadorian-born artist Carlos Torres-Machado lives and works in New York since 2012. He knew he wanted to study painting but also communication, psychology, and photography. Carlos accomplished all of that studying in IUNA – Arts National University Institute in Argentina, and at the University of San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. His wide interest in a contemporary approach to the art field is perceived in his artwork.  His paintings are subtle and intellectual, and the different series provide with Conceptual notes revealing the pace and developments of the present. 

In almost a decade in New York, he exhibited here, in Italy, and in Latin-America, in commercial and institutional spaces, also participating in Biennials, and invited to residencies, as LMMC’s Artists Summer Institute–by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and the Arts Residency by the Brooklyn Art Space in 2016. (See biography for complete information).

His use of color is a characteristic of his artwork. Flat colors, and some translucencies alternate in different periods. The variety of colors and hues persist in whatever topic he addresses. Geometry is a synthesis, is a communication tool, and Carlos Torres-Machado includes it in other paintings of his, dealing with landscape, or with lyrical abstraction. 

The mural concept developed in relation to the value of art and stocks nowadays is a distinctive approach. That series’ title is Data Center. Some of these are monumental, and they relate to the collectors and the stock market, interweaving the rich experiences. This personal presentation is nowhere to be seen, it is an exclusive idea, and it also has expanded to include reliefs in some areas treated volumetrically.

He is aware and concerned about his fellow Latin-American colleagues who, living in their countries, don’t have the exposure to the high demands artists have while living in New York. Carlos considers that this exposure teaches a lot and develops sageness. For that reason, he founded ArteLatAm accompanied by with other artists from Latin-America.


“Torres-Machado reflects the facts that determine our era by the intervention of technology, as Warhol did with consumerism or Guayasamín did with the indigenous suffering of Latin-America.”

Quote from the article “Reinaré, en Brooklyn Art Space,El Telegrafo newspaper [June 9, 2016]